Education and Employment

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Global Studies, Aarhus University, 2021–
  • University Assistant (Postdoc), Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, 2018–21
  • Ph.D. in Government and Public Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2011–17
    • Visiting Fellow, Harvard–Yenching Institute, 2016–17
    • Visiting Scholar, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, 2014–15 fall semester
  • Bachelor of Public Administration, Nanjing University, 2007–11

Journal Publications

  • 2020, China’s Blood-Borne HIV Catastrophe Revisited, Modern China, Vol. 46, No. 4, pp. 372–99, copy at
  • 2018, When Voluntary Donations Meet the State Monopoly: Understanding Blood Shortages in China, China Quarterly, Vol. 236, pp. 1111–30, copy at
  • 2012, The Differential between Trust in Multiple Levels of Government and Its Explanation: Evidence from a Survey of University Students [Zhengzhi xinren de cengji chayi jiqi jieshi: yixiang jiyu daxuesheng qunti de yanjiu], Public Administration Review [Gonggong xingzheng pinglun], Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 67–99.
  • 2011, The Promotion Tournament Model and Its Optimization [Difang guanyuan jingzheng de zhengzhi jinbiaosai moxing jiqi youhua] (with Yonggang Li), Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute [Jiangsu xingzheng xueyuan xuebao], No. 2, pp. 73–78.

Other Writings

  • 2020, Reflections on my Ph.D. journey: How I Become a Doctor of Blood [in Chinese], copy at
  • 2019, Chinese translation: Speaking to Theory and Speaking to the China Field (by Kevin J. O’Brien), China Studies [Zhongguo yanjiu], No. 2, pp. 216–23.
  • 2017, Chinese translation: Political Science: Witchcraft or Craftsmanship? Standards for Good Research (by Asbjørn S. Nørgaard), Foreign Theoretical Trends [Guowai lilun dongtai], No. 1, pp. 8–23.
  • 2017, Book review: Documenting the Reproductive Revolution in China, 1978–1991 (by Jian Chen), copy at
  • 2017, Book review: To Be a Soldier: How Peasants in the North China Base Area Went to the Battlefield (by Xiaolin Qi), copy at

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

  • AUFF Starting Grant, Aarhus University Research Foundation, 2022–25
  • Harvard–Yenching Fellowship, Harvard–Yenching Institute, 2016–17
  • Postgraduate Studentship, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2011–15
  • Global Scholarship for Research Excellence, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2014
  • First Prize of Undergraduate Thesis Award, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, 2012
  • First Prize of Renmin Scholarship, Nanjing University, 2008, 2010
  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China, 2009


  • Language: Chinese (native), Danish (intermediate), English (advanced), German (intermediate)
  • Computer: Latex, MAXQDA, Python, SPSS, STATA